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Importance of the Resilient Kids Boot Camp Game & Workbook


The reality of life is that all human beings get stressed more often than they realize. Learning how to navigate through challenging events and manage stress is not easy. Over exposure to stress in children has been found to cause decreased academic performance, problems with attention, impulsive behaviors, increased depression and anxiety, sleep problems, and social struggles. However, the ability to be remain calm during difficult events and utilize healthy coping skills to manage stress is a skill set that can be taught and developed.  

Creative Ways To Use The Game

*Via teletherapy-For example, the cards can be "fanned" across the screen allowing the child to select a card. Discussion and problem solving to follow. Game board is used with family in between sessions to reinforce skills. 


*In person 


*With individuals or groups


*At home during family game time 


*One skill card a day as a journal topic


*Role play


*Classroom guidance 

Reasons To Play The Game

*To help children build resiliency as they develop mindfulness and social skills, as well as learn how to regulate emotions and handle stress. 


*Resilience training and practice will assist children find meaning in stressful events and learn how to stay present focused.


*Teach children a skill set to remain calm when placed into challenging events or situations. 

Reasons to Buy the Workbook & Curriculum Guide

*This workbook/curriculum guide simply explains the 4 core skills of Dialectical Behavior Therapy-mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness. It provides practical ideas on on how to implement our game and cards into your counseling program or therapy practice. It also includes an outcome tool we developed & piloted in order to assist in your data collection needs. 

Disclaimer: Please note that while playing this game may enhance coping skills, individual results and outcomes may vary.

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